Samsung’s new Note7-compatible Gear VR to cost €90

Samsung’s new Note7-compatible Gear VR to cost €90

Samsung Note7

Remember that Samsung Gear VR headset with the model number SM-R323 that got imported into India for testing purposes a while back? We SPeculated then that it may be the model that’s going to be compatible with the Galaxy Note7’s USB Type-C port, and today a new rumor comes to confirm that.

Apparently the new headset will be called New Gear VR (yes, really). Its model number is in fact SM-R323, and it will work with the Galaxy S6, S7, Note 4, and Note5 alongside the upcoming Note7. In the Eurozone it will allegedly cost €90, and it’s reportedly already been listed by some retailers at that price. This probably means the US pricing will be $90.

If this pans out, then the new Gear VR has a recommended retail price that’s 10% lower than its predecessor’s. That said, the current Gear VR did see a number of price cuts during its lifetime, so we’re hoping the same will happen for the new one. Perhaps Samsung will even reprise its S7 deal for the Note7, offering a Gear VR for free for those who pre-order its latest smartphone. That remains to be seen however. What’s pretty clear is that the new Gear VR should be unveiled at the August 2 event for the Note7.

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